​If competitive body building  is something you have been thinking about, then my advice to you is... GET A COACH! When I first started competition prep back in March 2014, I researched everything from my nutrition, cardio, lifting and posing. I asked everyone who had done shows what should I do for this, and sought help from anyone and everyone because I wanted to prove to myself I could win in my own! This is a little thing we like to call EGO.. So after it was all said and done I placed 10th out of a stacked class of 23. Not to bad for my first show you're probably thinking, however what would the possibilities have been out the gate had I had a coach??? I'll answer that by saying this, every last one of the people in the top 5 from my first show told me they had a COACH. So I that to say this, DONT let your EGO, GOOGLE, OR YOUTUBE Control your prep and decrease your chances of having you STUN all your friends who have been HATING on you the moment you told them you wanted to compete. INSTEAD INVEST IN YOURSELF by INVESTING in someone who is INVESTED in you! When I decided to invest in myself and I sought out a coach, my very next show, I came in first at the Mike Francois Classic in May 2015. Since then I have only FINISHED IN THE TOP 2 in all of my amateur bouts!!! If you're SERIOUS about your physique and SERIOUS about WINNING then take yourself to the NEXT LEVEL WITH. -WORLD LEVEL COACH JORDAN FORBES

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Includes: Meal Plans, Cardio Programs, Lifting Routines, Core Programs, Supplementation and Recommendations.