About Me

Why I started training: After working for big box club for over a year and half and breaking every sales record in the company, I began to grow bored of telling people how great the facility was, and how they would reach all their goals there...Deep down inside I knew the facility was too big, overpriced, and would give more luxury than results. Hearing people's stories day in and day out about them suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, serious injuries, and lack of motivation, would set a fire inside me. This made me want to do more then sale them a dream, instead I wanted to be the one who helped build their dreams!

How I got into fitness:
Being the wild rambunctious boy that I was, my mother thought what better way to put my energy to use then to put me into sports. When she asked me what I wanted to play I told her "football", and like any good mother would do, she put me in soccer. She feared for my safety, after all what mother wouldn't? After a year of futbol she then let me play football at age 8. I played all the way until my senior year of college. In high school i was a 3 sport athlete on the varsity basketball, track & field, and football teams. I then Started working at lifetime fitness where I was first introduced to bodybuilding in 2014.

What I like about competing:
The discipline, commitment, dedication, hard work, attitude, mentality, and the results! The mind will cave before the body will, every time. You have to be mentally tough in this sport and make a way out of no way.  Your values increase 10xs the value most of all. Also, the values of food, water, and people, become more important to you, because of how each play an important role in your life and in the process. I like the relationships I've built along the way, along with the knowledge I've acquired about nutrition, technique, and remaining humble at all times. Spiritually, mentally, and physically this is the strongest I have ever been in my life thanks to body building! By applying these core values to my everyday life, I have achieved true happiness. Teaching others to build their own physiques is the icing on the cake.

What I specialize in: 
Weight loss, toning the body, building muscle, speed training for all sports, football skills training, basketball skills training, track & field training, volleyball skills training, golf skills training, tennis skill training, soccer skills training, Men's & Women's bodybuilding, posing, explosive training, nutritional plans, weight gain, getting lean, getting ripped, getting abs, and supplementation education.


My favorite things: Helping others, competing, training, encouraging others, cheat day, good movies, and the Bahamas!

College: Graduated in 2012 from Lake Erie College Bachelors in Marketing/Entrepreneurship Minor

Favorite cheat meal: Five guys Burgers & Fries

My one wish would be: To apply my knowledge of fitness, hard work ethic, commitment, dedication, and passion to others truly making a change.

Favorite scripture: Above all be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life Proverbs 4:23

​Jordan "FORBESIQUE" Forbes