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Here at World Level Fitness we offer personalized:

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I am a Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness Coach certified through the ISSA (International Sports Science Association) as a personal trainer. With over 10 years of combined experience in fitness as an athlete and winner of men’s physique competitions, I have developed a passion to provide fitness training services to individuals, group trainings, corporate trainings and fitness competition competitors. Through my products and services, I offer a realistic nutritional program, meal plan, cardiovascular program, and resistance training (intense lifting program) that will not only reshape the body but also reshape the mind.

Too many times we see a false reality of fitness on social media, portraying what many people consider to be the “perfect body” for both men and women. In actuality much of what we see are models who have altered their bodies through surgeries and filters. Yet, people think that these models work extremely hard in the gym and they must do 3,000 squats, crunches, and pushups a day... Well I'm here to let you know your perception is FALSE!   My goal as a fitness and wellness coach is to show you how to do the work to get the results you desire. Those who get great fitness results know that working out only makes up 20% of why they look the way they do. That's right only 20%... Would you like to know the real secret behind wash board six pack abs? A chiseled physique? That perfectly sculpted butt and flat toned stomach? It's's in the food! 80% of your results will come from the proper Nutrition and meal plan.

My program will show you what to eat, proper eating portions, and how often you should eat with a step by step meal plan designed just for you! From there you’ll learn the following:

To LOVE CARDIO and RESISTANCE training; and understand how it strengthens the heart, helps fat loss, and reduces stress.  
to STOP, doing the same lifting routine from last year; and understand how muscle confusion is essential for new growth and muscularity.
to START speeding up your metabolism with the right nutritional program, and counter the slowing of your metabolic rate which typically occurs as you get older making it harder to shed the fat.
to GET MORE SLEEP; Sleep controls your diet and lack of sleep could ruin it. 

No matter your fitness goals I will develop a plan that is personalized for what best fits your body type, and schedule. Don't wait on your change, make it today! These small tips and more are included in my step by step plans. Don't settle for average, instead enter a new chapter for a new you. Whether you want to get in shape for a vacation, wedding, family reunion, birthday, competition, or sporting event, no matter your reason, the only person stopping you from achieving your goals is you. If you're happy with the way you are now by all means I support your decision to stay the same. However, if you're tired of looking in the mirror and knowing that's not the real you, then enter a new level. The Next Level is World Level... (Click on my packages to make your change today)

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